Wednesday, January 21, 2009

just dropping by.

imy people.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008


with my new special someone.

i'm in davao right now. but i won't stay for long.
i came here just to take the entrance exam in San Pedro College but unfortunately.WALANG EXAM! ang sama.hmpf!
i miss my blogmates here in blogger.
mixoo all especially my ATE'S and KUYA'S
senxa.di na naman ako makakatagal.
aalis na naman ako ngayong 12mn pauwi sa province namin.huhu.
take care poh. *mwah! *hug*

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Monday, September 15, 2008
Je suis de retour

hi!now i'm back.its been a very long time since i visited my blog.*sigh.tsk3.
je vous manque tout!!!!(i miss you all).huhuhu.
i can't stay longer 'cause tomorrow i'll be back in our province 'cause i need to go back to school.huhu.anyways.there's A LOT of changes happened to my friends here since i left.from their HAIR to the tip of their TOENAIL'S.some have their hair longer and some have it shorter.hahaha.USO NA NGA RIN ANG BANGS SA KANILA.bwahahaha.may tumaba at may sumexy.hahaha.may tumangkad at may....hmmm.wala palang lumiit.haha! :-)
when i saw them yesterday,i said to my self "grabe naman talaga ang oras.nakakabago talaga ng tao.not only physically but also emotionally and mentally." hihihi.actually.natawa ako sa mga reactions ng mga kaibigan ko khapon when they saw me.and i was shocked because when they saw me they really hugged me SO VERY VERY VERY tight and they keep on saying those words "i miss you","we miss you so much!".bwahahahaha.sabi nila tumaba ako.hmf!but i didn't believe them kase imposibleng tataba ako eh grabe ang exercise ko dun sa paglalaro ng tennis at table tennis.hmf!pero grabe din ako kung kumain.bwahahaha!


meron pa!ang BF ko.hahaha.a BIG change talaga.he gained weight but not that TABA ha.he's more like chubby right now but not a chubby look but more like macho look.haha.i was also shocked when i saw him 'cause i never thought na totoo pala yung sinabi niya sakin na tumaba siya.hihihi.pero okay lang.i still love...his body.hahaha.him pala. XD

haaaay.i hope time runs faster that it could run faster than the speed of light so that after this day,we'll see each other again.huhuhu.i know 6 months will not be that long for us but i don't want to spend another happy moments WITHOUT THEM especially MY HUBBY.hmf!

'til here nalang.senxa sa mga hindi ko na nabigyan ng comment ha.i don't have time na kase.but don't worry.i still miss you all.hehehe.if you need something text me nalang mga kuya's and ate's
here: 09282769270
please inform me kung sino kayo that i can identify you.
sige.bye! *mwah! <3>

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008
Keeping me in your arms

I think I get it now, what you think when you think of me. I'm sorry I'm this way,I really am,It's true. But I know it must tear you up to realize I've grown up,I've changed and that the road you set me on was a mile the other way. I don't really hate life like I tend to say. It doesn't always suck not each and every day. I know you think that I'm gone, the little girl you lovedseems dead . I want to be that little girl again,the one who hugged you tight and never let go,the one who looked up to you. I wish you realized I still do. Now I know why you told me to come to you and why it was so important and why everything I did was such a big deal. It must have broke your heart,watching the one who used to wear little dresses,wear long sleeves to cover the scars on her arms. It's for me and it weighs more on me than any teen should carry over her heart and shoulders. It hurts trying to hide it from youand watching you think the way you do. It hurts pushing that hand you give out time and time again away.
Mom I get it now,you love me and I love you.I'll say I hate you and you'll think
it isn't true.You'll see my scars and think it's your fault.You'll over fill my
plate and watch as I don't eat all the food while thinking I won't put that
clean fork down with a clank.I really get it and I'm sorry for it because I
don't think there's anything I can do.
I'm sorry for all the wrong things that I've done to you and Dad. Maybe I wasn't able to fully developed my maturity. Right now. I'm still hoping that we could forget the past and live the present and keep living the future.
I want my Mom to be happy this Mother's Day and i will make it happen.
I Love You so much Mom! Happy Mother's Day.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

hi guys! i totally miss my blog and the people here and i was hoping that there are people HERE who also MISS ME that they would ask me if my summer was/will be okay? where did/will i spend my summer? duh?!such things like that.but there are only few people who noticed that I'm back and SOME of them are not the one that i expected to notice me.but i appreciate those people who really treated me as their friend.

but hey! its not yet too late to ask me.i know you guys miss me.

...look I'm SQUEEZABLE.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

You're imitating me, all I do was also done by you. You cannot be the second one, you always want to be "the one". It's always hurting me...all you do was stabbing me, you cannot be behind
you always try to change to be like me!

you have fallen so deep, you think that you're born to lead have failed with all you've done so don't think about my heart just bleeds.

you are really trying to be like me and all you do is imitate my every move. No one is better than you, even god is less than you(you think so). You cannot be alone so we have to be with you all the time. But I can't take it is the end of us, there ain't friendship no more...

you can go away...but sorry 'cause I won't follow you...

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Thursday, February 21, 2008
new beginning

A long time ago...An infinitely long time ago...We lived in the shadows of history. Countless are those who have experienced hardships,tragedies beyond is under these circumstances, that now, the Angel of humans will finally emerge from the darkness.


Life has given me one more change to live....So as long as i live i will love this man and care for him as the end of time shall, never come to take him away from me.
We will rise but to the end there always be a new start

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gosh! i can't find time in uploading and scanning my pictures on the PC. siiiiiyeeet... :]
maybe i'll post them some other time. NO TIME for tagging yet. but i'll find some time for your guyz. LOVES&HUGGIES! *muah*


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Friday, February 15, 2008
this will be my night.


gosh! so excited tonight. its all perfect.
beautiful dress
gorgeous hair-do
pretty make-up
good venue
long time
super gwapong date
super gandang ME
my digicam
glitter sandals
shining accessories
what could i forget? hmmm...its just PERFECT.

Belated Happy Hearts Day to all. its not late pa naman diba? I'm just 1 day late. :] i hope you all had a great time. hmmm...kuwento niyo naman mga ate at kuya kung ano nangyari sa mga dates niyo with you special somenes or even with your family kung wala kayong mga gf/bf.
MINE? hmmm.meron bah? hehehe.of course. we went to the sea wall and we had dinner there...napaka-romantic haaaay...mas lalo akong nain-love sakanya that day...hehehe...and he gave me a ring...pareho kami.parang wedding ring namin haha...after namin mag-dinner he drive me home and yeah he kissed me after i go inside the house. :] (sweet) un lang.
so happy with my bf.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008
prom HAIR-do!!!

this is my first choice...and i love it...its gorgeous right? ^_^
너무 예뻐요 - she's so pretty
i really don't want to mess my first prom night...I'm so bushed thinking about different and appealing hairstyles so i'll look attractive and pretty. :]
grrrr...any suggestions from my kuya's and ate's here?
hmmm...i already have my gown, shining-glittering heels, make-up plan...yah! just the hair! urgh! i know...its so much. too much attention! here are another styles:

there you go...dami noh? that's why I'm so confused!!! it looks all pretty!!! me choose...i need suggestions...
Deadliest DEADLINE: when you get on my page...please...
our prom is on Feb.16, 2008.
Thank you in advance sa mga magbibigay ng advice.

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